An Overview of Hotel Management

Hotel management is a field of study that is concerned with a wide array of topics such as – Food Production, Food and Beverage Services, Housekeeping Management, Front Office Operations, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Computer, Communicative English etc. It also deals with the operational aspect of a hotelier.

Hotel management comes with a wide array of responsibilities, it will teach you being responsible, adapt to new challenges and hone your skills in planning, execution, finance, and services. Apart from all these, hotel management will polish your teamwork, Computer skills communication specially English speaking and leadership skills and will assist you grow a knack for attention to detail so that you can easily survive in the realm of hospitality service.

The benefits to be a part of hospitality is a never-ceasing industry which means that you know the demand for jobs in hotel management will never come to a halt; on the contrary, the demand for hotel management students will increase forever.

Culture is another advantage to earn from this industry,imagine a foreigner appreciate you for your skills and it’s a honour.

And now, we are going to cover everything there is to know about hotel management courses, such as –the scope of hotel management, career, trends in hotel management, its eligibility, various examinations, and more.

Hotel Management Courses

Depending on which phase an aspiring student is, they can pursue undergraduate, postgraduate, or doctorate courses in hotel management. Every course has its own importance, for instance, if you have just passed your 12 th you will be willing to study an undergraduate course in hotel management.

Now, if you have already completed your master’s in hotel management, you will be going for a doctorate in hotel management such as Ph.D. in Hospitality and Hotel Management or M. Phil in Hotel Management. Studying a hotel management course is very important and it opens myriads of doors of opportunity for you. You can become a very successful hotel manager of a 5-star hotel or maybe enter its board of members or become vice-president of a chain of luxury hotels or start your own Hospitality business. The opportunities in this field are limitless.

Benefits of Studying Hotel Management

  • Hospitality and Hotel Management is a highly competitive industry where you can find different Star Category Hotels and Hospitality companies anywhere and everywhere around the globe. Because of this you will have unlimited job opportunities in your career in India and abroad equally.
  • After studying the Bachelor in Hotel Management and Diploma in Hotel Management courses, you will have the obligatory skills to start your own career in a fast-growing hotel or hospitality business as this graduates have outstanding customer service and problem solving skills and a thorough understanding of financials and fundamental guest services knowledge.
  • Almost all hotels offer free or reduced price food and Accomadation for their management staff and Trainees, and you can save a considerable amount of money on food over the course of a year.
  • The fact that most hospitality and hotel workers are paid higher than in any other industry makes this a most sought after profession. A hospitality worker can also find extra jobs other than their regular jobs to earn more than their regular income as most jobs come in shifts.
  • On top of competitive salary and wages, a number of hotels, particularly larger hotels, boast bonus programs that are designed to supplement a hotel manager’s annual salary. In most cases, bonuses will be based upon meeting annual revenue goals and/or customer service scores, in addition to personal goals.